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Forcing A Collective Identity

One way to tell the intellectual inconsistency of open border libertarians is by watching their reaction when you explicitly disassociate yourself from other people in the same country as you who are not your countrymen or your people in any … Continue reading

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Why We Fight

Courtesy of a Swedish¬†newspaper (it’s translated so pardon the syntax; also emphasis added). The 28-year-old Iraqi was so unhappy with the standard asylum in Finland that he chose to go back to Sweden and raping a Swedish woman on the … Continue reading

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How to Save Western Civilization

This is the second part of my two-part series. The Death of Nihilism A bit of confession time: For¬†much of this year I underwent a very nihilistic phase. Anyone who is either a libertarian or morally sane (sadly the two … Continue reading

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The End of the Liberty Movement (For Me)

This is the first part in a two-series I’m putting out articulating a new direction for my writing, either at this blog or on another site. I’m at an interesting point in life right now. At the moment I am … Continue reading

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