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The Illusion of Freedom

A certain cause celebre that went viral in the past 48 hours (which you may or may not be aware of) inspired me to make an observation. I really wanted to avoid getting into the actual blowup because what was reported is so false … Continue reading

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Political Violence

Socialist Jew: You mean to tell me all politics is meaningless? Rabbi: In the West, a monster with a small mustache. In the East, a monster with a big mustache. This is all I need to know about politics. – … Continue reading

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The Libertarian Red Pill

In 1999 film The Matrix, the main protagonist Neo is a regular computer programmer or some such at a regular corporate office. In his side-life, he engages in hacking. He also notices things which cause him to doubt the reality of … Continue reading

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The Cost of Freedom

When someone tells you they want freedom, what do you think they mean by that? The concept of freedom is very specific, but due to the loss of meaning in words and their necessary context, it has become something of a tabula rasa – a … Continue reading

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The Coming Cultural Collapse in America

Libertarians love to talk about an imminent economic collapse, the product of too much debt, too many years of meddling by the Federal Reserve into the financial sector, and not enough savings. On this, I have no argument.

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Study of Libertarian Anarchy: Against the State – Introduction

This is the first part of a study I’m doing on Gerard Casey’s Libertarian Anarchy: Against the State. This post examines the short introduction to the book. You can purchase the book on Amazon and through the Book Depository. 

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Why taxes are evil reason #2311575

I made up the reason number this happens to be. But the number of reasons why taxes are evil are beyond my capacity to count, because there are new ones every morning.

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