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No Escaping The State

In recent months I’ve come to the conclusion that there are few, if any, options for a man who wants to live a free life with minimal state involvement, and yet at the same time marry and have kids. The … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Minimalism

One of the beauties of living a minimalist lifestyle is that most of the hotly debated political issues to me are moot points. Those who are invested in the current setup are passionate about it because they have a lot … Continue reading

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Why Libertarians Must Become the New Barbarians

Masculine writer Jack Donovan gave this speech several years ago. I think it provides a template mindset for libertarians to adopt as the movement evolves. (You can also read the speech transcript here). There are many traditional or classical definitions … Continue reading

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The “Libertarian” Scopes Trial

There are some who seem to be confused about what the Non-Aggression Principle really says. Or they’re just being dense. Either way, the name of libertarianism and anarcho-capitalism is being dragged through the mud and put on trial in a court … Continue reading

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Are there Such Things as Limited-Government Libertarians?

Commenter Individualist made an astute observation on my post about the Libertarian Republic. Referencing an apparent statement by Murray Rothbard, the fundamental question a libertarian has to answer correctly is this: Do you hate the state? The answer to this question cuts … Continue reading

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How We Ever Going to Get There If We Don’t Start Somewhere?

Obviously the idea of reducing and then abolishing the state sounds inane. This is because people misinterpret what libertarians are actually saying. The inference is that we intend to carry this out tomorrow, when what we are actually offering is … Continue reading

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Ukraine and Centralized Governments

The current political upheaval in Ukraine, most noticeably seen during a violent protest in Kiev, demonstrates the conflict and violence that results from having a centralized government. Rather than bring peace and stability, it can often lead to instability and discord as … Continue reading

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