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No, Socialism Doesn’t Work With Whites, Either

A common belief among many members of the Alt. Right or Dissident Right is that socialism can work, if it’s done with white people. They don’t see the issue as one of economics, but race. For evidence, they’ll point to … Continue reading

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The Real Reason Why Socialism Doesn’t Work

Mises Institute Fellow Jonathan Newman writes about Ludwig Von Mises’ devastating critique of socialism for its lack of pricing (bold emphasis added): With private ownership of the means of production, entrepreneurs hire laborers and purchase capital and natural resources based … Continue reading

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Socialism Doesn’t Work Even When You Call It “Democratic”

Matt Wilson has a great post on “democratic socialism” and how it’s no different than just plain ol’ socialism. You know, kind of like how “fascism” is no different than “democratic fascism.” He really nailed it in this part when … Continue reading

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Civil War

If you take away only one thing from what I’m about to write, let it be this: The United States of America has never had a civil war. Regardless of how one feels about the War Between the States and the … Continue reading

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Why is socialism becoming so popular?

Because people are stupid, at least as Doug Casey defines it as a tendency toward self-destruction and the inability to correlate actions with their consequences. Either that or they never lived in Soviet Russia. Socialism doesn’t work in the long … Continue reading

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Socialism Going Mainstream

Amongst some of my friends I often get into discussions about presidential candidates. Being somewhat neutral, or emotionally unattached to the outcome, I’ve offered the same unsettling prediction several times: Bernie Sanders will probably be our next president. That might … Continue reading

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What is Libertarianism Without the Non-Aggression Principle?

In a follow-up to my previous post on the Libertarian Republic taking a giant crap on the NAP, a simple retort to them could be this: So what should we replace NAP with as the guiding principle of libertarianism? Notice the writer doesn’t provide one. … Continue reading

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