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Egalitarianism: As Advertised Versus Actual Product

How egalitarians say it works….. How egalitarianism actually works…. As I wrote in egalitarian elitism, the only way to make everyone equal is to bring everyone down to the lowest level possible. If you want to improve “height equity” or … Continue reading

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Corporate America: An SJW Propaganda Machine

Aaron Clarey over at Captain Capitalism offers a very thorough analysis of the SJW virtue-signalling crap coming out of Corporate American today and the reason why: you need only look at the people running the companies. Howard Hughes and Thomas … Continue reading

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Why No One At the Rolling Stone Got Fired

The Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism recently completed a report on the Rolling Stone article “A Rape on Campus,” which recounted an alleged gang rape that happened at the Phi Kappa Psi frat house at the University of Virginia. … Continue reading

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The New Racism

Captain Capitalism recently posted a video in which he expresses his frustration over negative responses to his new book “The Black Man’s Guide Out of Poverty,” mainly that they call him “racist.”

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Latest LAPD Police Shooting Crushes Social Justice Narrative

There’s not much to be said about the shooting of this homeless black man by the Los Angles Police Department that hasn’t been said before. It is nothing new. According to Photography Is Not A Crime, the man is the 181st … Continue reading

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Basic Questions for Social Justice Warriors on “Privilege”

In anticipation of any future arguments concerning “privilege” as defined by social justice warriors, I submit to them these questions to answer before there is any further discussion on the matter.

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White Male Privilege Is Another Social Justice Myth to Justify the State

The statism religion is like any false ideology. Because it is a lie that contradicts reality and the natural order of things, it needs superstitions to not only explain that which it doesn’t understand, but justify its control and use of violence to … Continue reading

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