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The Not-So-Great Divorce

Fred Reed’s latest column about how much the peoples of the USA hate each other but won’t separate is worth a gander. I just want to add two quick thoughts as to why the Left and Right won’t quit each other. … Continue reading

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Why Yes California Will Be A No-Go

Tom Woods’ latest blog post goes through the hilariously pitiful spectacle that is the California secession effort. Because Yes California is a leftist organization, even when it’s right it’s wrong. The group claims it could not secede from the Union … Continue reading

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A (not-so) quick thought on the situation in Oregon

A lot has been said about the standoff going on right now between militia and government authorities in Oregon in response to the feds’ treatment of a local ranch family. Nothing I say will be particularly original, but might as … Continue reading

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Cato Doesn’t Get It

While South Carolina removes the Confederate flag, the crypto-libertarian Cato Institute has gone into full PR mode, posting numerous articles and videos on their social media accounts on why libertarians should condemn the Confederacy. They really just don’t get it. Nobody … Continue reading

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A Revulsion Toward Violent Revolution

It is only natural there exists a subsection of anarchists and libertarians – even conservatives – who quietly, privately, feel that we have crossed the point of no return in terms of restoring freedom in America without armed revolt. As … Continue reading

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Defining Cowardice

Inasmuch as I find the whole Confederate flag controversy to be worthy of nothing more than an eye roll, at the same time I happen to also believe it has a silver lining. It is during these cause célèbres we see … Continue reading

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Strain the Gnat But Swallow the Camel

Has it occurred to anyone who is whining and cajoling about the Confederate flag that everything we associate with it – racism, segregation, slavery – occurred within the United States under the Stars and Stripes? Indeed, some forget that slave states … Continue reading

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