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Did Ben Carson Lie?

I don’t care, though it seems like he didn’t. Just usual political reporting from the national media. Either way, whatever he said didn’t result in innocent people being killed. It didn’t violate the Constitution or get us into another war … Continue reading

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The Rise of the Dissidents

By now I’m certain you are all weary of hearing about presidential race, and I’m not terribly interested in it for reasons I’ve already stated several times. It’s been fascinating to watch how the liberty movement has responded to the … Continue reading

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Republicans Do Not Care About the Unborn

One of the supposed planks of the Republican Party is being pro-life* – as long as the unborn child is an American, that is. And as long as it’s politically expedient.

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Why Americans are Stupid (Like Everyone Else)

Recently Americans have taken to lash out at a man named Jonathan Gruber. A few weeks ago, no one had heard of him. Now, he is all over the headlines. Why? Because he did something you’re not supposed to do … Continue reading

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