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Traditional Education Or Bust

Jeff Sanders at PJ Media provides five problems with state-run schools in America, though they are merely five more reasons you should educate your children on your own. I’ve never been a fan of the term “home-schooling,” because it implies … Continue reading

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Modern Bigotry

Apparently antisemitism is on the rise following the election of Trump. Social justice activists at a New York high school successfully shut down a production of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” after a Jewish student landed a lead role. Protests … Continue reading

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All Your Kids Are Belong to Us

“California to require high schools to learn ‘yes means yes’ sex policy.” Remember, it’s all about keeping government out of the bedroom, except when you want them to be in the bedroom. As California goes, so goes the nation; thus, … Continue reading

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To the Parent of the Public School Child Who Exposed My Family to Statism

I personally have no bone in the whole vaccinate or not vaccinate issue. I’ve done some research reading stuff that argues both sides. The anti-vaccine people claim Big Pharma controls the media and stifles the truth, while pro-vaccine people claim the … Continue reading

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“Libertarians” Who Think It’s Ok for Feds to Offer Two Years of “Free” College Are Idiots

There are plenty of fraudsters in the libertarian movement. We know the types; they’re easy to spot. They’re anti-government in areas where they want them to stay away, such as drugs, personal lifestyle behavior, what have you. But they’re all for … Continue reading

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Libertarians Shouldn’t Have Kids if They Aren’t Willing to Protect Them From the State

I’ve been giving more thought to the story of Cassandra C, the 17-year-old girl in Connecticut who was kidnapped, forcibly confined to a hospital room, and operated on, all on a judge’s orders.

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Public Schools Holding Classroom Instruction on Guns is a Bad Idea

In South Carolina there is an effort to get public schools to teach students about firearms.

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