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Never-ending Political Journey

If you grew up in the 1990s, you probably at one time or another played Super Mario 64 – or enviously watched your friend play it on the Nintendo 64 your parents wouldn’t buy you. Most of the game is … Continue reading

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Converting Leftists Into Libertarians: An Exercise in Futility

Justin Moldow at Liberty Hangout laments the libertarian movement’s continuing delusion that leftists make natural liberty lovers (bold emphasis added). Even though these leftists just voted for the biggest warmongering neocon in the race, they are convinced that leftists will … Continue reading

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The Greatest Speech Ever Made?

In 1940, famous silent film comedian Charlie Chaplin made a film called the Great Dictator. Released at the onset of World War II, the movie was a lampoon of Hitler and Nazism. Despite tackling a somber issue, it was very … Continue reading

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The Progressives’ Regress

Readers of this site may observe that I tend to avoid naming names when I criticize statements people make or the views they promote, albeit sometimes I make exceptions. Primarily, this is because I am interested in ideas, not the people who espouse them. … Continue reading

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Progressives in libertarian’s clothing

As a libertarian, I obviously disagree with progressivism. What I take umbrage at, however, are progressives who pretend to be something other than progressives. A part of it has to do with the fact that they more than other groups are conscious … Continue reading

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