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A Dying Appeal

In Should Libertarians Support a Police State? open borders advocate Jacob Hornberger writes: Our American ancestors tried to protect people from unreasonable searches by federal officials. They understood that a free society necessarily depends on external constraints placed on the … Continue reading

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Can Libertarians Make Alliances with the Left?

Recently a reader reached out to me via email (you can, too) about whether or not alliances can be made with non-libertarians on the Left. I sent him a reply that I thought was worth posting here for your thoughts: I … Continue reading

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American Evangelicals Need to Stop Bleeding Blue

Ben at The Great Fiction made a very intriguing connection in a recent post concerning the Oregon bakers sued for refusing to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding. Specifically, that this kind of Orwellian behavior would not possible in … Continue reading

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Latest LAPD Police Shooting Crushes Social Justice Narrative

There’s not much to be said about the shooting of this homeless black man by the Los Angles Police Department that hasn’t been said before. It is nothing new. According to Photography Is Not A Crime, the man is the 181st … Continue reading

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Why People Fear Police

This latest National Review column on police seems to make the case that people have no reason to be afraid of police. Sorry, but people really do have reasons.

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Police Chief Admits They are a Paramilitary Force

No joke. During a recent City Council meeting, Indianapolis Police Chief Rick Hite said the following: I am a soldier in an army.

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The economics of cities like Ferguson, Missouri

Okay, I said I wouldn’t say anything more about the situation in Ferguson, Missouri. But I couldn’t pass this up. Like I said before, it’s not just about possible police brutality or crime. It’s about economics, too, and the economic … Continue reading

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