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In A Libertarian Society…..

Bionic Mosquito tackles a very interesting question: If all men are created equal to choose their own law, then to insist that libertarianism is universal is invalid – unless by libertarianism we mean each individual is free to choose his … Continue reading

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The Libertarian Red Pill

In 1999 film The Matrix, the main protagonist Neo is a regular computer programmer or some such at a regular corporate office. In his side-life, he engages in hacking. He also notices things which cause him to doubt the reality of … Continue reading

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A Libertarian Who Returns to Their Vomit

I feel compelled to bring up an unpleasant but nevertheless truthful reality. There are certain beliefs that, because of their consequences, are mutually exclusive of libertarian philosophy. To put it another way, there are people today who can call themselves libertarians but … Continue reading

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Philosophy and Practicality

A discussion between myself and MattWilson32 in a recent post brought up something I see too often in libertarian circles. I can’t count how many times I’ve watched a debate ensue on Facebook or Twitter or other online forums, when the entire matter … Continue reading

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Why No One At the Rolling Stone Got Fired

The Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism recently completed a report on the Rolling Stone article “A Rape on Campus,” which recounted an alleged gang rape that happened at the Phi Kappa Psi frat house at the University of Virginia. … Continue reading

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The Libertarian Republic That Wasn’t

I’ve criticized the publisher of the Libertarian Republic previously for running a site titled as such, only to describe himself as a minarchist or constitutionalist. He has now articulated his vision of what a “libertarian republic” would look like. If it was written to … Continue reading

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