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Rules For Immigration

I have more or less stopped writing about the immigration/border issue, because I’ve found people are less concerned about the results than they are about the “spirit” or “principle,” which ignores all relevant information used to determine prudent action. Not … Continue reading

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Tradthots And Open Borders

Regular readers of this notebook blog are aware that I have no love for the tradhots. But Lauren Southern’s detainment and denial of entry into the U.K. offers us a chance to see how ideologically consistent open borders advocates are. … Continue reading

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The “Will” Of The People

The Daily Mail writes about the blessings of the democratic process and the achievements possible when people just follow the constitution – amended, of course: White South African farmers will be removed from their land after a landslide vote in … Continue reading

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The Notion of “Common Property” Is Inherently Communist

Bob Higgs is a libertarian American ex-pat living in Mexico who in a recent blog post wrote the following within the context of immigration and borders (bold emphasis added): As for so-called public property, which the government purports to own, the … Continue reading

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Additional Thought On Open Borders Debate

I keep having these epiphanies, so there it is. We have to keep in mind what open border advocates say compared to what they truly mean and the implications for it. When they advocates open borders, they are not advocating … Continue reading

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Forcing A Collective Identity

One way to tell the intellectual inconsistency of open border libertarians is by watching their reaction when you explicitly disassociate yourself from other people in the same country as you who are not your countrymen or your people in any … Continue reading

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The Only Thing Worse Than Communism

Tobias Langdon at the Occidental Observer notes: I’d call Grenfell Tower a good metaphor for the Western world as a whole. At vast expense and with conspicuous piety, we are being wrapped in the highly flammable cladding of racial and … Continue reading

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