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Is Libertarianism A Slave Morality?

Sirjamesthegood at the Right Stuff makes the case that libertarianism is a special form of slave morality and the Alt. Right offers a true laissez-faire environment. Although he makes many discerning observations related to libertarian concepts such as property ownership, … Continue reading

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Does Encouraging Suicide Violate the NAP?

I came across this very disturbing court trial involving a young woman who is accused of encouraging a young man to commit suicide, which he eventually did. You can read Chateau Heartiste’s “Game” interpretation of their relationship here, but what … Continue reading

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The “Libertarian” Scopes Trial

There are some who seem to be confused about what the Non-Aggression Principle really says. Or they’re just being dense. Either way, the name of libertarianism and anarcho-capitalism is being dragged through the mud and put on trial in a court … Continue reading

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What is Libertarianism Without the Non-Aggression Principle?

In a follow-up to my previous post on the Libertarian Republic taking a giant crap on the NAP, a simple retort to them could be this: So what should we replace NAP with as the guiding principle of libertarianism? Notice the writer doesn’t provide one. … Continue reading

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Libertarian Republic Goes Full Retard

The latest travesty from the Libertarian Republic, “6 Reasons Why the Non-Aggression Principle is Stupid,” should settle the question in anyone’s mind about how “libertarian” that site is. Apparently they think the NAP includes the right to “starve children” and pollute other people’s … Continue reading

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Anti-Libertarian Argument Makes Faulty Assumptions: Anarchy is about Rules, Not Rulers

Most objections to libertarianism consist of ad hominem attacks – that is, attacking the person and/or their intentions rather than the argument. When this fails, objections generally run toward grandiose ex cathedra pronouncement about the world that not only doesn’t match … Continue reading

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Salon really doesn’t like libertarians, or know what it means to be one

Salon strikes me as the magazine for kids who in high school spread gossip and hearsay about the outcasts but didn’t have the courage to actually go speak to them and find out what they are actually like. It was to my surprise, … Continue reading

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