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Why Knowledge “Is” Power

Real Power is the degree to which a person has control over their own circumstances. Rollo Tomassi, Rational Male “Freedom” and “liberty” are not directly tied to anarchism or libertarianism, but let’s be honest: Most people interested or enthusiastic about the ideology are drawn to … Continue reading

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My Return and Some Big Changes

After a bit of a break I’m back. You may have already noticed some changes around here. I might as well explain some of them. My new page about Libertarian Barbarism is up for your perusal. It provides the blueprint … Continue reading

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The Death of Language and Meaning of Words

Why Language Matters As a writer, I obviously take a particular interest in language. Because of this, and for other reasons, I can’t help but notice the decline of the language in America and how it seems to be inversely … Continue reading

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Satanic Children’s Book and Public Schools

Another problem with public schools is they complicate beyond reason certain issues that in the private sector would never arise. For example, if Christians are allowed to distribute Bibles, can Satanists distribute their own literature? A Florida judge has ruled … Continue reading

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School has students read pornographic novel, outraged parent arrested

Everyone has different moral beliefs. Often we hear the statement “you have no right to force your moral beliefs onto me.” Fine. But the door swings both ways. Usually, though, for them it’s a one way street, and they have the … Continue reading

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