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Why I’ve Been Quiet

Lately I haven’t posted anything, even though every day seems to have a blog-worthy topic. To be succinct, I’ve felt I’ve said all that needs to be said in a fundamental sense on any issue I see in the news. … Continue reading

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Is Liberty Compatible With Nationalism?

Site-note: The rise of Based Stickman and the propaganda art created mere days after his arrest is a textbook case of what I described in my essay the  American Troubles.  Lately, I’ve seen people posting a 1944 article written by … Continue reading

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Do People Really Want Freedom?

Do people really want genuine freedom and all the liabilities that come with it? To answer it myself: Yes. But I admit my life experience is somewhat limited. I have not had the same opportunities as others. I can see … Continue reading

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Chesterton’s Ghost at the Right Stuff discusses a distinct perspective on libertarianism known as paleolibertarianism which is intended to place the philosophy within context by acknowledging external elements. As he describes it (emphasis added): The libertarian movement is in a state of … Continue reading

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The Cost of Freedom

When someone tells you they want freedom, what do you think they mean by that? The concept of freedom is very specific, but due to the loss of meaning in words and their necessary context, it has become something of a tabula rasa – a … Continue reading

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The Myth of the Do-Gooder

There’s the old saying that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Much like the adage that absolute power corrupts (absolutely), the spirit or intent of what is being said is accurate, but the actual statement itself is … Continue reading

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Fake Libertarians Are Like Wannabe Queen Bees

Every now and then we are forced to endure a distinct and pitiful spectacle put on by “libertarians” in which they reveal their true nature, much like Dr. Strangelove’s perfunctory Nazi salute. We know the routine. Someone somewhere makes a statement that is either … Continue reading

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