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The Appeal of Barbarism

In a new post, CJay Engel at Austro-Libertarian examines what he calls “Antonio Gramsci Libertarians.” Commenting on the “left-libertarian” strain of the movement, he writes: This social agenda need not be embraced by all who carry the name “libertarian.”  It … Continue reading

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Gender Is Voluntary, But Somehow Political Consent Is Not

The irreplaceable Tom Woods offers an excellent observation that dovetails well with my post yesterday concerning the validity of social contracts. Recall that as typically described by statists, social contracts are implicit agreements that you consent to with or without … Continue reading

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Leftist Solipsism

Listen, if you dare. In a recent essay I discussed the dualistic political strategy the Left employs. Today, I want to discuss leftist solipsism and how it explains their incapacity to see the irony in their opposition to men such … Continue reading

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Why We Fight

Courtesy of a Swedish newspaper (it’s translated so pardon the syntax; also emphasis added). The 28-year-old Iraqi was so unhappy with the standard asylum in Finland that he chose to go back to Sweden and raping a Swedish woman on the … Continue reading

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