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The Appeal of Barbarism

In a new post, CJay Engel at Austro-Libertarian examines what he calls “Antonio Gramsci Libertarians.” Commenting on the “left-libertarian” strain of the movement, he writes: This social agenda need not be embraced by all who carry the name “libertarian.”  It … Continue reading

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Civil War

If you take away only one thing from what I’m about to write, let it be this: The United States of America has never had a civil war. Regardless of how one feels about the War Between the States and the … Continue reading

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Just to clarify right away, that’s not a misspelling in the headline. It was intentional. Lately I’ve come across new terms such as “fash,” “fashing,” and “fashism” among reactionaries and the Alt. Right on social media, as well as even … Continue reading

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Beltway Libertarians

There are many types of libertarians. The traditionalist, the libertine, the intellectual, the activist. The celebritarians. There there are the Beltway libertarians. What Is A Beltway Libertarian? Typically, these are the libertarians who work for or live in the Beltway culture. … Continue reading

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Belief in the Rape Culture Myth Enables Rape

Note: The last paragraph in this post was removed due to inaccuracies therein. Mea culpa. As I’ve said before, rape culture is a myth. But now I’ve something to add to it. I’ve seen a tendency in those who claim to be … Continue reading

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