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The Slave State Project

I posed this scenario in a comment on my previous post concerning immigration and welfare, but I think it is worth reposting here for all to see. If the U.S. military had ordered its troops to lay down its weapons and … Continue reading

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The “Uncrpytic” Madeline Albright

In the Seattle area there is an exhibit featuring 200 pins belonging to former Secretary of State Madeline Alright. An editorial in the Seattle Times remarks: About the letter to Iranian officials, signed by 47 Republican senators, intended to undermine a U.S. nuclear … Continue reading

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Vietnam Sniper: 99% of talk about snipers is “plain bull and mythology”

I came across this article from Veterans Today by the senior editor, Gordon Duff, a former sniper in the Vietnam Conflict. It is definitely a must-read for people who want to know what actually happens on the battlefield. When veterans come … Continue reading

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American Sniper: It’s all about which flag you’re waving

I have several queries for all those who plan on financially supporting American Sniper.

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