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A Dying Appeal

In Should Libertarians Support a Police State? open borders advocate Jacob Hornberger writes: Our American ancestors tried to protect people from unreasonable searches by federal officials. They understood that a free society necessarily depends on external constraints placed on the … Continue reading

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Hatefact of the Week

Hatefact of the Week A large segment of the American population just spent the last 72 hours expressing more concern, interest, compassion, sympathy, and attention on social media toward the plight of abstract people they have never met and who … Continue reading

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Doug Casey on Immigration and Borders

Crisis investor Doug Casey has added his two cents to the immigration and borders debate. I find his perspective to be rather unique, seeing as he has visited and lived in more countries than most. Unfortunately, while he provides some … Continue reading

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Serves Us Right!

The more I read libertarian literature the more I’m convinced that self-guilt is one of the most unspoken yet evident causes for the way in which some will rationalize their positions as libertarian in spite of all the evidence presented that … Continue reading

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More on the Syrian Refugee Crisis, Immigration, and Borders

Justin Raimondo nails in with the Syrian refugee controversy in his article at the American Conservative. Meanwhile, the feds are working to make it easier for the IRS to confiscate your passport. That certainly won’t be abused or used against political dissidents. … Continue reading

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Why We Fight

Courtesy of a Swedish newspaper (it’s translated so pardon the syntax; also emphasis added). The 28-year-old Iraqi was so unhappy with the standard asylum in Finland that he chose to go back to Sweden and raping a Swedish woman on the … Continue reading

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Ron Paul on Syrian Refugees

Great minds think alike, it seems. Or just Ron Paul yet again is the voice of reason on a topic that has clouded the judgment of so many. The American people have been forced to pay untold millions for a … Continue reading

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