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Traditional Education Or Bust

Jeff Sanders at PJ Media provides five problems with state-run schools in America, though they are merely five more reasons you should educate your children on your own. I’ve never been a fan of the term “home-schooling,” because it implies … Continue reading

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Wards of The State

As the United States continues its political descent, one thing we will continue to witness (and suffer) are greater intrusions into our personal lives. In a free society “a man’s home is his castle,” but in our modern culture the … Continue reading

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K Selection Reproductive Strategy is the Libertarian Strategy

Prior to a few months ago I had never heard of r or k reproduction strategy. It’s been popping up a lot among libertarians and those on the Alt. Right. From what I’ve gathered, here’s how it works. The r … Continue reading

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Ron Paul on Syrian Refugees

Great minds think alike, it seems. Or just Ron Paul yet again is the voice of reason on a topic that has clouded the judgment of so many. The American people have been forced to pay untold millions for a … Continue reading

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Open Border Favoritism

This post from Moonbattery got me thinking: Where the hell were all those open border advocates when the Germany family who came to the United States for religious reasons was initially set for deportation? Why is there suddenly a dire … Continue reading

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“Anti-Government” Parents Use State Coercion to Control Unregistered Child

Apparently there is a girl who has been blessed with no birth certificate or Social Security Number, thanks to her “fundamentalist” Christian parents who homeschooled her and chose not register her to the government. The girl has reportedly run away … Continue reading

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Libertarians Shouldn’t Have Kids if They Aren’t Willing to Protect Them From the State

I’ve been giving more thought to the story of Cassandra C, the 17-year-old girl in Connecticut who was kidnapped, forcibly confined to a hospital room, and operated on, all on a judge’s orders.

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