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Be A Creator, Not a Spectator

Often we are distracted by what happens in the political world. We let what others do affect us as individuals. We allow someone we’ve never met to determine our identity. Morever, there is a tendency within libertarianism to criticize, but … Continue reading

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Do People Really Want Freedom?

Do people really want genuine freedom and all the liabilities that come with it? To answer it myself: Yes. But I admit my life experience is somewhat limited. I have not had the same opportunities as others. I can see … Continue reading

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The Cost of Freedom

When someone tells you they want freedom, what do you think they mean by that? The concept of freedom is very specific, but due to the loss of meaning in words and their necessary context, it has become something of a tabula rasa – a … Continue reading

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Philosophy and Practicality

A discussion between myself and MattWilson32 in a recent post brought up something I see too often in libertarian circles. I can’t count how many times I’ve watched a debate ensue on Facebook or Twitter or other online forums, when the entire matter … Continue reading

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Anti-Libertarian Argument Makes Faulty Assumptions: Anarchy is about Rules, Not Rulers

Most objections to libertarianism consist of ad hominem attacks – that is, attacking the person and/or their intentions rather than the argument. When this fails, objections generally run toward grandiose ex cathedra pronouncement about the world that not only doesn’t match … Continue reading

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Fox News columnist: The State Knows What’s Best

This is the third time I’ve written on the Cassandra C’s story. I should have left it at that. But I came across this Fox News column by a defense attorney defending the Connecticut State Supreme Court’s decision to allow … Continue reading

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Wouldn’t It Be Ironic…

….if the country’s oldest time capsule opened in Boston today simply contained a message from Sam Adams and Paul Revere that read “Please don’t tell us you gave up the freedoms we fought to obtain in the War for Independence for false promises … Continue reading

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