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Politicking on company time

In a recent video, RamzPaul highlights leftist hypocrisy when it comes to the ability of employers to fire their workers for their political activism. Following the Charlottesville debacle, many of the attendees were doxxed and then terminated from their jobs. … Continue reading

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This quote by David Bowie (RIP) perfectly illustrates a point I want to make. How many times have you heard this? I’m not really interested in politics. I’m apolitical. If you have, it’s probably by someone when you’re in the company of … Continue reading

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Diversity Doesn’t Care About Free Speech

Courtesy of InfoWars.com (emphasis added). Earlier this week, the student activist group, chaired by three black students, was successful in urging the Student Executive Committee to sack three white student leaders on the Student Senate who they said did not “stand … Continue reading

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Charlie Hedbo and the Freedom of Speech Double Standards

The attack on a French satirical magazine this week shows the political double standards in place when it comes to freedom of speech. People worldwide have expressed outrage at terrorists killing the magazine staff for mocking their religion – a religion, that is, which worships … Continue reading

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Don’t Waste Your Money on “The Interview”

I’m not one for throwing out conspiracy theories based on gut instinct, but the entire “The Interview” controversy smells like a rat.

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The right to discriminate includes the right to fire people

A news editor is suing his old employer after they fired him for writing an article on his personal blog that ran afoul of the Commissariat for External Thought Crimes. After canning him, they proceeded to publish an editorial denouncing him. What he wrote … Continue reading

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Libertarianism and hate speech

I probably shouldn’t take the proposed federal legislation known as the Hate Crime Reporting Act of 2014 too seriously. After all, it has a 1% chance of being passed, according to govtrack.us. The bill has been proposed in response to a recent shooting in Kansas by … Continue reading

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