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Expel The Tradthot Among You!

This week Roosh V did the Dissident Right a huge service by initiating the Tradthot War of 2017 against a host of laydees who hopped onto the Alt. Right bandwagon once they realized there was, like the libertarian movement, a … Continue reading

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Here Cometh the Censors

Commenting on the show trial conviction of Dutch anti-Islam political leader Geert Wilders, Vox Day remarks: I suspect those eurofascists are going to be sincerely regretting their reprehensible and anti-democartic once the Dutch people put the PVV in power and … Continue reading

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A Fake Libertarian Returns to Their Vomit

Yesterday morning I woke up to learn some most wondrous news. One of the many fake libertarians in the liberty movement has officially returned to their vomit. I say officially because in reality it was just a subterfuge from the … Continue reading

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All In the (Libertarian) Family

Reason Magazine has a book review of Hayek’s Modern Family: Classical Liberalism and the Evolution of Social Institutions, by Steven Horwitz, I have not read the book but wanted to give some commentary on quotes found within the review itself, … Continue reading

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The Illusion of Freedom

A certain cause celebre that went viral in the past 48 hours (which you may or may not be aware of) inspired me to make an observation. I really wanted to avoid getting into the actual blowup because what was reported is so false … Continue reading

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Social Justice Warriors Are Abusive Parents

It seems it’s hard to raise your transgendered child to go against the natural order of things, according to this SJW parent. (H/T to Alpha Game). I have no doubt this could be a brilliant example of trolling…but we live … Continue reading

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Misandry over Reason

In Reason magzine’s “Why So Many Men Who Hate Women Love Limited Government,” we’re treated to a predictable, yet ambiguous and vague piece about men going their own way (MGTOW) and Men’s Rights Activists (MRA) that doesn’t link to a single … Continue reading

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