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Children Of (No) Men

In an article published by the online magazine, Aeon, Professor Howard Rachlin engages in an Orwellian thought experiment; what if all children were separated from their parents at birth and randomly given to another family? Rachlin writes (bold emphasis added) … Continue reading

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Wards of The State

As the United States continues its political descent, one thing we will continue to witness (and suffer) are greater intrusions into our personal lives. In a free society “a man’s home is his castle,” but in our modern culture the … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Minimalism

One of the beauties of living a minimalist lifestyle is that most of the hotly debated political issues to me are moot points. Those who are invested in the current setup are passionate about it because they have a lot … Continue reading

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When Social Justice Warriors Frag One Of Their Own

I assume most of you are familiar with the story of a Columbia University student who falsely claimed another student raped her and, despite the fact that both the police and the school cleared him of any wrongdoing (the latter being no … Continue reading

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Fifty Shades of Grey Strips Naked the Rape Culture Myth

It is curious to observe how films like Fifty Shades of Grey*, which has grossed $400 million worldwide in a little over two weeks time, fits within the context of the rape culture hysteria.

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Why America’s Government Is the Best Government In the World?

I have never seen “Thank You For Smoking,” but curiosity prompted me to peruse some of the videos on Youtube and I came across this one in which the protagonist mocks a propaganda question put to his son by his school teacher, … Continue reading

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How We Ever Going to Get There If We Don’t Start Somewhere?

Obviously the idea of reducing and then abolishing the state sounds inane. This is because people misinterpret what libertarians are actually saying. The inference is that we intend to carry this out tomorrow, when what we are actually offering is … Continue reading

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