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No, Socialism Doesn’t Work With Whites, Either

A common belief among many members of the Alt. Right or Dissident Right is that socialism can work, if it’s done with white people. They don’t see the issue as one of economics, but race. For evidence, they’ll point to … Continue reading

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The Myth of Legislating Prosperity

A persistent myth one encounters among leftists is that government action via legislation leads to prosperity. In fact, I would argue this is the defining characteristic of a leftist, albeit to some extent many among the Alt-Right; government is the … Continue reading

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How Game Theory Explains Gender Pay Gap

Last weekend, libertarian Walter Block spoke at the Mises Institute event in Seattle titled House of Cards: Has the US Economy Recovered? His speech concerned the gender pay gap myth. I thought it would be worth noting the unwitting connection … Continue reading

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The economics of cities like Ferguson, Missouri

Okay, I said I wouldn’t say anything more about the situation in Ferguson, Missouri. But I couldn’t pass this up. Like I said before, it’s not just about possible police brutality or crime. It’s about economics, too, and the economic … Continue reading

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Hundreds beg Seattle City Council to make them unemployed

By raising the minimum wage to $15 a hour. There is an old saying that you are worth as much as you are paid. If you don’t like your wages, ask for a raise. If you don’t get one, get … Continue reading

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