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Libertarians Should Not Enable Progressive Agenda

Libertarians should resist the urge to say anything positive about Walmart’s discrimination against people younger than 21 regarding firearm purchases. Yes, they have the right to discriminate all they want; but so do Christian bakers. Let’s put aside philosophy for … Continue reading

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Thick Libertarianism Redux

This is a follow-up to my post on thick libertarianism. There, I had an exchange with a commenter about what Richman meant when he wrote his piece on the Supreme Court’s ruling legalizing same-sex marriage. While he and I ended … Continue reading

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Bionic Mosquito has a new post poking fun at Jeffrey Tucker for a recent article of his arguing that “Everyone Needs Freedom to Discriminate.” BM’s rhetorical query aside, while I’m glad Tucker is taking the right stance, like everyone else who’s followed … Continue reading

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Does the Majority “Grant” Us Our Rights?

Edit: Apparently the comment was made in the middle of a debate over the Supreme Court recent decision on same-sex marriage. Only goes to show that both sides of the Left-Right spectrum do not understand what happened that day. A … Continue reading

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Discrimination for me, but not for thee

Jeffrey Tucker made the following observation on the issue of discrimination (bold emphasis added). Notice how anti-discrimination law applies to the producer but not the consumer. Consumers are allowed to use any grounds they want for denying money here or spending … Continue reading

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The Final Word on “White Privilege”

I was going to leave the whole matter alone concerning that gal in Spokane – not too far from where I live – who masqueraded as a black woman when she was really white. Then the following thoughts came to … Continue reading

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Redefining Words

Jim O’Connor over at Patriot’s Lament makes the observation, as I have, of the terrible tendency people have to misuse redefine the words they use at the beginning of, during, and after an argument as part of the destruction of language. Addressing the current debate … Continue reading

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