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Sarcasm and Irony Are All We Have Left

Ladies and gentlemen, a handful of sarcastic Alt. Right twitter handlers just changed the course of our national political conversation in a nation of several hundred million people. That’s right. The Overton Window was shifted by a bunch of anonymous/semi-anonymous … Continue reading

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Trapped In the Wrong Frame

Over at the Book of the Face, my newsfeed is popping up with the breaking story about a Kentucky clerk arrested refusing to process same-sex marriage licenses. Some have branded her an intolerant bigot, while others applaud her for standing … Continue reading

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Redefining Words

Jim O’Connor over at Patriot’s Lament makes the observation, as I have, of the terrible tendency people have to misuse redefine the words they use at the beginning of, during, and after an argument as part of the destruction of language. Addressing the current debate … Continue reading

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Why Johnny Can’t Talk

Why Johnny Can’t Speak While reading a book on the degradation of education in society, I came across the following passage: Have you ever, in listening to a debate among adult and presumably responsible people, been fretted by the extraordinary … Continue reading

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