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Breaking Up American States

Courtesy of Fox News, there is an alternative Calexit movement emerging – an exit of rural California from urban California. There is another secession movement in California, and elsewhere in America, that is getting genuine attention from political pundits. While it … Continue reading

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All Your Kids Are Belong to Us

“California to require high schools to learn ‘yes means yes’ sex policy.” Remember, it’s all about keeping government out of the bedroom, except when you want them to be in the bedroom. As California goes, so goes the nation; thus, … Continue reading

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California ready to make rape the default sexual position

A bill on the cusp of approval by the California state legislature would require sexual partners to verbally consent to every stage of progression during sexual activity, ext. from kissing to touching and all that lovely birds and bees stuff … Continue reading

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California congresswoman wants $26 minimum wage

California Democratic congresswoman Barbara Lee has said she wants a $26 minimum wage in her state.  And we libertarians are dismissed as lunatics wanting to create a utopia. Every time I hear someone make statements like this, I keep thinking of … Continue reading

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