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No Country For Old White Men

In the past I’ve written on my ardent anti-war sentiment. Anyone who cares to read it can access those posts in the archives. I have a new reason to hate war; those who fight in them are treated like leftover … Continue reading

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Proposal To Draft Women Offers Valuable Lesson

William Norman Grigg at Pro Libertate writes: Four decades ago, one of the most insistent arguments offered by opponents of the Equal Rights Amendment was that it would create the legal basis for making women subject to the draft. That … Continue reading

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Cowardice is Uglier than War

Regular readers know my thoughts on war. I hate it. I’m am staunchly against it. The reasons for why are beyond counting. But recent events have reminded me of a quote by John Stuart Mill which, in my pre-libertarian years, … Continue reading

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Happy Armistice Day!

The day that the worst war in human history, marking the end of European Civilization, concluded with the signing of an armistice in a French rail car. If anything demonstrates why libertarians are so staunchly anti-war, it is a conflict initiated for … Continue reading

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Here I Stand

At what point are you willing to take up arms against the state? What will it take? What right will they have to violate so flagrantly that you find continued submission intolerable? Where would you draw the line? For Christopher … Continue reading

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We’re Sorry……

Obama has apologized to Doctors Without Borders for the hospital bombing in Afghanistan. Incidentally, the apology doesn’t involve him giving up his Nobel Peace Prize for bombing another recipient of the award. They can’t help but call it a “terrible mistake.” A mistake is … Continue reading

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Setting the Record Straight on Libertarians and the Southern Confederacy

As the saying goes, if I got a dime every time libertarians got accused of supporting Southern slavery, I’d have to pay the highest income tax bracket in the country. The statement taken by itself is baffling; how can libertarians, people … Continue reading

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