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The Proposition Nation Starter Kit

Are you in need of a new country? Tired of your Third World hellhole? Is your plumbing and electricity not up to snuff? No political or civil rights? Your uninformed sister wants to be able to elect your next leader? … Continue reading

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Enemy In The Gates

The enemy are within the city because the city had already fallen to decadence and depravity. Continue reading

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When It’s OK To Tell Someone”If You Don’t Like America, Then You Can Get Out!”

Several years ago, I wrote an essay titled The libertarian response to “If you don’t like America then you can get out!” It is one of the most visited posts on this site. I recently discovered that it is now … Continue reading

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Bastardizing Americana

Le Chateau writes in We The Chattel This is a more accurate graphic depiction of the message delivered by Shepard Fairey’s original poster, which Steve Sailer identified as the Orientalist hijab fetishism of White male liberals who fantasize about a … Continue reading

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A New America Will Be Created By the Young

Jack Donovan writes on why he prefers Hilary Clinton win over the Trumpenfuehrer (Recent events seem to indicate this won’t happen, but I’m not speculating). I want soldiers across the country to grimace and feel a little bit sick every … Continue reading

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Social Justice Warriors Are Abusive Parents

It seems it’s hard to raise your transgendered child to go against the natural order of things, according to this SJW parent. (H/T to Alpha Game). I have no doubt this could be a brilliant example of trolling…but we live … Continue reading

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The Libertarian’s “Nuclear Button”

During casual observations throughout the libertarian section of the Net, I’ve come across many who are advocating the “nuclear button” option as a political solution. Their strategy is to hasten the demise of the state, specifically the federal government, by … Continue reading

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