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Stop Blaming the Alt. Right For Identity Politics

Jim Goad at TakiMag writes: Maybe if you hadn’t encouraged your lunatic fanatics to insist that white people should kill themselves, that white males are a cancer and must die, that whites should commit mass suicide over slavery, that whites … Continue reading

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The Future Role Of Libertarianism

Vox Day was gracious enough to respond to my analysis of his 16 Points of the Alt. Right. I’m pleased to see the conversation moving forward, because I think it is important for us to know where exactly we disagree … Continue reading

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A Libertarian Take On The 16 Points Of The Alt. Right

A libertarian analysis of Vox Day’s 16 Points Of The Alt. Right. Continue reading

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Sarcasm and Irony Are All We Have Left

Ladies and gentlemen, a handful of sarcastic Alt. Right twitter handlers just changed the course of our national political conversation in a nation of several hundred million people. That’s right. The Overton Window was shifted by a bunch of anonymous/semi-anonymous … Continue reading

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Mistaken Anger

Libertarians often speak of blowback; this is a term coined by the CIA to describe the unintended consequences of U.S. interventions and meddling in foreign countries. Something that I think gets ignored or discounted is the concept of domestic blowback; … Continue reading

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The Alternative Right’s Dilemma

Michael Sebastian at Return of Kings has a short piece on problems inherent with the Alternative Right, which includes neo-reactionaries. I think he addresses several legitimate points about this new “hippie” movement, but I wanted to elaborate on a few and … Continue reading

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Just to clarify right away, that’s not a misspelling in the headline. It was intentional. Lately I’ve come across new terms such as “fash,” “fashing,” and “fashism” among reactionaries and the Alt. Right on social media, as well as even … Continue reading

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