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Why I Haven’t Shut Down This Blog

I’m in a blunt mood, so bear with me. After Charlottesville, I was “this” close to shutting down this blog. I wanted to close it and pretty much never discuss politics again and focus on other personal endeavors. It’s not … Continue reading

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Don’t Confuse Morality with Stability

Sometimes I’ll hear people say “things weren’t so great back in the ol’ days.” Most of them are referring to the 1950s, and it’s in response to the nostalgic types who look back fondly on the era of Leave It … Continue reading

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This Isn’t the 1950s Anymore!

A great irritant of mine is a particular quip I hear when I try to explain how our society, culture, and political scene are contrary to the natural order of things. Try telling someone, for example, that having mothers dump … Continue reading

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