My Physical Removal Policy For Comments

I welcome any and all comments on my essays or blog posts, whether in agreement or opposition, that further the discussion at hand. However, this is first and foremost my property. The Anarchist Notebook is my blog with a url I own. As such, there will be some rules regarding comments. Those who violate them will be subject to physical removal, the way Hans Herman Hoppe would want it. Please read them, because I have comment moderation on for first-time commenters and will not approve them if they violate any of the rules below:


  • Insult me, call me names, or attack me personally – or others here – and you’ll get booted.
  • No foul language or intense profanity. Minor cussing is fine (we all do it).
  • No non-sequitur remarks. Comment on what’s written, not the book in your head where I wrote something I didn’t write. You can bring up related topics if it’s pertinent.
  • No quoting what someone wrote who I happen to have quoted here on other things and then infer that I agree with it. “By proxy” accusations don’t work.