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Doug Casey on Immigration and Borders

Crisis investor Doug Casey has added his two cents to the immigration and borders debate. I find his perspective to be rather unique, seeing as he has visited and lived in more countries than most. Unfortunately, while he provides some … Continue reading

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Washington state issues first marijuana business licenses today

Again, like the Hobby Lobby ruling, I’m supposed to rejoice at my home state’s first issuance of marijuana business licenses as a step towards individual freedom, as well as an example of successful nullification of unconstitutional federal acts. Forgive me if I’m … Continue reading

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Terminally ill fight for right to use unapproved drugs

The War on Drugs, as libertarian Laurence Vance put it, is “is a monstrous evil that has ruined more lives than drugs themselves. The war on drugs is really just a war on individual liberty, private property, civil liberties, financial … Continue reading

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“This not what justice in the United States is supposed to be”

This is what the father of a Kansas family had to say after their house was raided based on incompetence, poor investigative skills and samples of discarded tea in their garbage outside that field tested for marijuana. The worst part: It took … Continue reading

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Law abiding citizen’s home makes federal list of meth labs

For reporting a backpack containing meth he found more than 15 miles away from his home near Des Moines, Iowa, according to As a result of adhering to his civic duty and complying with the law, his home was … Continue reading

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