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The Battle of Portland

Yours truly successfully navigated hordes of antifas in Chapman Square in downtown Portland to reach the Free Speech rally on federal property put on by Patriot Prayer (how I managed that trek will remain confidential). The free speech rally had … Continue reading

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Globalism Is Neo-Babelism

The Tower of Babel A European Union poster. Much like this pro-open borders/immigration image, a picture is truly worth a thousand words and reveals far more about the intent of the movement than its proponents will ever care to admit.

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Slavery Of The Mind

Jack Donovan writes why he is not a white nationalist: We live in an age where the strongest white men in the world allow themselves to be pushed around by gossipy bloggers, church ladies, sleazy reporters, rent-seeking academic activists, little … Continue reading

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How Game Theory Explains Gender Pay Gap

Last weekend, libertarian Walter Block spoke at the Mises Institute event in Seattle titled House of Cards: Has the US Economy Recovered? His speech concerned the gender pay gap myth. I thought it would be worth noting the unwitting connection … Continue reading

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The Deep State and Trump

At this point they’re not even bothering to maintain pretenses. This nation is governed by the Deep State. It calls the shots, not elected leaders. They are so confident about this they will admit it live on national news. I … Continue reading

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Why Neutrality Is Impossible

Jeffrey Tucker recently wrote what was a surprisingly thoughtful, nuanced piece on how Fight Club foreshadowed much of the Alt. Right and the circumstances that gave rise to it. It gives me hope that eventually he will acknowledge that the … Continue reading

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Punch A Nazi

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