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A Dying Appeal

In Should Libertarians Support a Police State? open borders advocate Jacob Hornberger writes: Our American ancestors tried to protect people from unreasonable searches by federal officials. They understood that a free society necessarily depends on external constraints placed on the … Continue reading

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New Comment Policy

I’ve added a new comment policy page. I recommend anyone who wishes to comment here read it. Long live property rights and physical removal, per se.

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The Cult Of Imperium

In Pleasantville: Libertarianism and the Cult of Liber, author Ehud Would at Faith and Heritage commits a slew of inaccuracies in attempting to refute libertarianism. I really tire of having to point out that Ayn Rand was not a libertarian … Continue reading

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Corporate America: An SJW Propaganda Machine

Aaron Clarey over at Captain Capitalism offers a very thorough analysis of the SJW virtue-signalling crap coming out of Corporate American today and the reason why: you need only look at the people running the companies. Howard Hughes and Thomas … Continue reading

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Stop Blaming the Alt. Right For Identity Politics

Jim Goad at TakiMag writes: Maybe if you hadn’t encouraged your lunatic fanatics to insist that white people should kill themselves, that white males are a cancer and must die, that whites should commit mass suicide over slavery, that whites … Continue reading

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The Robinson Crusoe Foreign Policy

An analysis of the novel “Robinson Crusoe” and the wisdom it offers regarding foreign policy. Continue reading

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Be A Creator, Not a Spectator

Often we are distracted by what happens in the political world. We let what others do affect us as individuals. We allow someone we’ve never met to determine our identity. Morever, there is a tendency within libertarianism to criticize, but … Continue reading

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