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Rhetorical Hostage Taking

Something I’ve encountered recently in discussions pointless arguments with people is what I like to call rhetorical hostage taking. Or, better aptly put, rhetorical human shields. This is when you make an argument and instead of responding to the argument … Continue reading

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Open Emigration

Courtesy of the International Man, which writes (emphasis added). Preventing people from leaving has always been the hallmark of an authoritarian regime. Unfortunately, the practice is growing in so-called liberal democracies for ever more trivial offenses. In the U.S., for example, the government … Continue reading

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The “Libertarian” Scopes Trial

There are some who seem to be confused about what the Non-Aggression Principle really says. Or they’re just being dense. Either way, the name of libertarianism and anarcho-capitalism is being dragged through the mud and put on trial in a court … Continue reading

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Irwin Schiff: The Real Deal

Irwin Schiff, the father of Peter Schiff, died several days ago chained to a hospital bed and surrounded by armed guards.* His crime? Daring to challenge the constitutionality of the federal income tax. I’ll keep my thoughts concise. A lot … Continue reading

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Why taxes are evil reason #2311575

I made up the reason number this happens to be. But the number of reasons why taxes are evil are beyond my capacity to count, because there are new ones every morning.

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Peter Morici gets it right on capitalism

Too many people don’t know the actual definition of capitalism and are more acquainted with the stereotypical presentation taught in schools and in the majority of films that present business owners as evil and government bureaucrats as righteous defenders of the … Continue reading

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Is there anything they won’t regulate or license?

Today I visited the Seattle Times‘ website out of morbid curiosity and about blew a gasket when I came across a blog post titled “Bicycle Master Plan: Why not license bikes? We already license boats.” Yes, because if there is one … Continue reading

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