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Why Santa Claus Is An Anarchist

* This will be my last post for the year, as I’m transitioning over to some new work. Merry Christmas! Growing up I watched many films as part of my family Christmas tradition. Die Hard. Home Alone 1 and 2. … Continue reading

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Never the Statist

Out of all the reasons to hate the state, which one is the most important to me as a libertarian? Without question, it’s how it takes people who otherwise would exist in relative peace and turn them into bitter enemies. … Continue reading

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The “Libertarian” Scopes Trial

There are some who seem to be confused about what the Non-Aggression Principle really says. Or they’re just being dense. Either way, the name of libertarianism and anarcho-capitalism is being dragged through the mud and put on trial in a court … Continue reading

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Gun Control Lobby Is a Cesspool of Anti-White Male Hate

Some of you might have thought I was exaggerating the other day when I wrote that I fear for my life whenever people talk about white men and guns. This is what I see and hear quite a bit. So … Continue reading

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The Battle Hymn of the Dissident

Christopher Cantwell apparently has decided to try making songs of his own concerning our current political woes.  I share the frustration. Clearly, a solution is needed. In that spirit, here is another one of mine, written to the tune of Irish Rebel … Continue reading

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Why Hierarchy Does Not Violate Libertarianism

In the wonderful world of political debate, ideas and concepts are often jumbled together, confused, and misused. An example of this is when non-consensual authority, consensual authority, and hierarchy are intermixed in conversations concerning libertarianism. Let’s go through each of them … Continue reading

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There a great many shibboleths in American culture. One of them is the myth of equality. We are all supposedly equal to one another.

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