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Why is socialism becoming so popular?

Because people are stupid, at least as Doug Casey defines it as a tendency toward self-destruction and the inability to correlate actions with their consequences. Either that or they never lived in Soviet Russia. Socialism doesn’t work in the long … Continue reading

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Socialism Going Mainstream

Amongst some of my friends I often get into discussions about presidential candidates. Being somewhat neutral, or emotionally unattached to the outcome, I’ve offered the same unsettling prediction several times: Bernie Sanders will probably be our next president. That might … Continue reading

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There a great many shibboleths in American culture. One of them is the myth of equality. We are all supposedly equal to one another.

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Why socialism doesn’t work

Socialists are annoying. It’s not just their pretentious sermonizing, feigning the sort of idealistic naiveté that would make the musical number of a Disney film seem like a realistic documentary on animal behavior. They also have the gall to accuse libertarians of … Continue reading

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