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Why This Libertarian Believes We Will Never Abolish the State

I’m discussing this in my upcoming ebook (God knows when I’ll finish it) but a recent spat within the “liberty movement” compelled me to bring it up here first. When a person begins their journey as a libertarian and internalizing the … Continue reading

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Setting the Record Straight on Libertarians and the Southern Confederacy

As the saying goes, if I got a dime every time libertarians got accused of supporting Southern slavery, I’d have to pay the highest income tax bracket in the country. The statement taken by itself is baffling; how can libertarians, people … Continue reading

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There a great many shibboleths in American culture. One of them is the myth of equality. We are all supposedly equal to one another.

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There Is No “Our” In Government

A writer named Carl Kandutsch recently penned a thoughtful analysis of Blood Meridian, a novel by Cormac McCarthy, in an article for CounterPunch titled “Blood Meridian’s Judge Holden in the Age of American Exceptionalism” (Speaking as an aspiring novelist myself, McCarthy … Continue reading

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Publisher of Libertarian Republic: I’m a Constitutionalist/Minarchist

In his own words for an article at the Libertarian Republic  discussing his skepticism of a nonexistent libertarian orthodoxy, the publisher says the following: I’m a constitutionalist because I believe that individuals have the right to contract with one another via democratic processes … Continue reading

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Fox News columnist: The State Knows What’s Best

This is the third time I’ve written on the Cassandra C’s story. I should have left it at that. But I came across this Fox News column by a defense attorney defending the Connecticut State Supreme Court’s decision to allow … Continue reading

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Feminists and the concept of consent

Note: I’ve edited several points below to clarify my point. I really try to not follow what goes on in the news. Ironic, seeing how I am a reporter. But I have far too many other things to do, and even … Continue reading

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