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Low Trust Vs. High Trust Community

I recently moved and can offer a very descriptive side by side comparison of what it is like to live in a low trust community and a high trust neighborhood. The issue of social trust is one libertarians tend to ignore, … Continue reading

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Libertarianism, Culture and Race

Recently libertarian presidential candidate John MacAfee took the libertarian party to task for being predominantly Western white men. Predictably, he saw this as something to be ashamed of. His assumed premise is that everyone is the same and therefore thinks … Continue reading

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Doug Casey on Immigration and Borders

Crisis investor Doug Casey has added his two cents to the immigration and borders debate. I find his perspective to be rather unique, seeing as he has visited and lived in more countries than most. Unfortunately, while he provides some … Continue reading

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Blessed Are the Faithful (Who Don’t Vote)

On Facebook a friend of mine posted a link to an article written by a Christian writer on the current political ideologies. What I found fascinating is that while the writer critiques democracy, it is not because of how it works but how … Continue reading

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I’ve been watching the fallout from Indiana’s new religious freedom law with particular amusement that befits a young curmudgeon. My favorite aspect of it is how people like Gov. Mike Pence say it’s “not about discrimination.” Sort of like how … Continue reading

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The New Racism

Captain Capitalism recently posted a video in which he expresses his frustration over negative responses to his new book “The Black Man’s Guide Out of Poverty,” mainly that they call him “racist.”

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Latest LAPD Police Shooting Crushes Social Justice Narrative

There’s not much to be said about the shooting of this homeless black man by the Los Angles Police Department that hasn’t been said before. It is nothing new. According to Photography Is Not A Crime, the man is the 181st … Continue reading

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