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The Tragedy Of The Commons

“The tragedy of the commons” is a term used to describe the problem for property rights advocates when it comes to government-controlled property open to the public. It is a form of socialism, because the arrangement makes it difficult to … Continue reading

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The Wiglaf Question

The ancient Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf concludes with the young thegn (thane) Wiglaf as the last of the titular hero’s surviving relatives. Mourning Beowulf’s death by a dragon, Wiglaf envisions a dark future for their people. He knows that news of … Continue reading

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Starbucks versus TSA

While at the local shopping center this morning, I encountered two glaring examples of how different people treat private sector workers compared to government ones. Dropping off books at the Half Price Bookstore,  I observed a woman telling an employee … Continue reading

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