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Why We Have to End the Fed

One thing I would really like to see among libertarians, the Alt. Right, reactionaries, and anybody else who wants to reduce the state, is a full-fledged assault on the existence of the Federal Reserve. When you take the time to … Continue reading

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The Progressives’ Regress

Readers of this site may observe that I tend to avoid naming names when I criticize statements people make or the views they promote, albeit sometimes I make exceptions. Primarily, this is because I am interested in ideas, not the people who espouse them. … Continue reading

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Hundreds beg Seattle City Council to make them unemployed

By raising the minimum wage to $15 a hour. There is an old saying that you are worth as much as you are paid. If you don’t like your wages, ask for a raise. If you don’t get one, get … Continue reading

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Bitcoin Setback and Government Regulation

This week, Bitcoin suffered a huge setback when one of the exchanges in Japan, MtGox, went offline. I won’t explain the whole background on Bitcoin, which you can learn about further here. In short, it is a digital currency not … Continue reading

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