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Can Libertarians Fight (And Die) For Their Country?

Sheldon Richman at the Libertarian Institute writes: Horace’s declaration “Dulce et Decorum est Pro patria mori” — “It is sweet and proper to die for one’s country” — is just what poet Wilfred Owen called it: “The old Lie.” Screenwriter Paddy Chayefsky extended Owen’s point … Continue reading

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Burning the Flags of Our Forefathers

Our President Elect Donald Trump cannot seem to keep himself out of the spotlight for long. Even before he’s taken office, he’s already garnered controversy day after day after day. Most recently, he proposed a law via Twitter against burning … Continue reading

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“The Last Resort of the Thinking and The Good.”

A comment by Joshua Bennett on my previous post regarding militia reminded me of a passage from Richard Henry Dana, Jr.’s book Two Years Before the Mast. An early 19th Century Harvard student, Dana joined a ship and sailed the … Continue reading

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A (not-so) quick thought on the situation in Oregon

A lot has been said about the standoff going on right now between militia and government authorities in Oregon in response to the feds’ treatment of a local ranch family. Nothing I say will be particularly original, but might as … Continue reading

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We’re Sorry……

Obama has apologized to Doctors Without Borders for the hospital bombing in Afghanistan. Incidentally, the apology doesn’t involve him giving up his Nobel Peace Prize for bombing another recipient of the award. They can’t help but call it a “terrible mistake.” A mistake is … Continue reading

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Conservatives: Draft Our Daughters, Too!

The Daily Signal is the mouthpiece of the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank. Recently it published a column written by a former female U.S. Army helicopter pilot titled “No More Double Standards for Woman in the Military.” At first, I thought it … Continue reading

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The Wrong Side of War

This music video by Five Finger Death Punch for their song “Wrong Side of Heaven” is one of the most powerful and effective I have ever come across. What makes it so effective is that the scenes, and the statistics, … Continue reading

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