Traditional Education Or Bust


Jeff Sanders at PJ Media provides five problems with state-run schools in America, though they are merely five more reasons you should educate your children on your own.

I’ve never been a fan of the term “home-schooling,” because it implies the kids stay inside all day surfacing the internet and become book worms or geeks totally out of touch with the culture and society around them – until they go to college and go wild.

If I ever get married and have kids, they will be traditionally educated, by me and my wife. They will learn what we decide are important for them to know and reflect our values. That includes practical skills such as wood-cutting (as pictured above), changing car oil, fixing a leaky faucet and basic home maintenance. Their reading material would include classical Western literature. Physical fitness would be a must, too.

All this would be done discreetly and with as little fanfare as possible in order to avoid unwanted attention from anyone who might have an axe to grind, rather than to make a political statement or thumb my nose at the state.

This is the only sensible approach to educating a child in today’s environment.

At this point, I have absolutely no compassion or sympathy for people who send their kids to state schools and then complain about it expecting their whining to bring about any sort of change. My only concern goes for the kids who have no say in the matter, but even then I have no power to change it.

If you haven’t figured out by this point what you’re doing by sending your kid to these places, then you’re being woefully ignorant. It is adamantly clear by now that the administrators do not answer to you, and your kid’s education is not their responsibility. No one is punished when your son or daughter can’t locate their own nation on a map but know about white privilege and what a transgender feminist thinks about the Industrial Revolution.

Regardless of what the state claims about how it owns your kid, the reality is your child is still your responsible to raise, which means you need to take the proactive steps necessary to prepare them for adulthood, and when they aren’t able to take care of themselves by 18 when they snatch that worthless high school diploma, that is your fault, not the state’s. If enough people actually had the balls to pull their kids out of school and find some traditional form of education instead of instigating gadfly-worthy walkouts, then change might occur.


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2 Responses to Traditional Education Or Bust

  1. Anonymous Swede says:

    Thanks for yet another great post.

    It’ll certainly be interesting to see how we’ll manage to raise our kids and school them traditionally, as it will demand some years of exile at a minimum or a complete re-location as it’s mandatory to send your children to school from the age of 6 here in Sweden.

    Disobeying the law here, even without thumping your own nose is quite certainly a high risk operation – where in the worst case, you will lose your children and in the best case only be fined repetitiously.

    Thankfully, the Åland Islands (Autonomous but Finland has sovereignty) are nearby – where schooling your children traditionally is allowed. Otherwise I’ve heard good things about Malta or the Czech republic.

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