Libertarians Should Not Enable Progressive Agenda

Libertarians should resist the urge to say anything positive about Walmart’s discrimination against people younger than 21 regarding firearm purchases.

Yes, they have the right to discriminate all they want; but so do Christian bakers.

Let’s put aside philosophy for a second and look at strategy and the absence of reciprocity. Libertarianism says that you respect my rights and I respect yours. If you don’t respect my rights, I don’t have the duty to respect yours.

Progressives want to have it both ways; they want bakers to bake the damn cake, but Walmart can tell 20 year olds to take a hike when they want to purchase a product. By advocating that Walmart should be allowed to do this, libertarians are playing into leftist hands and letting them – pardon the expression – have their cake and eat it, too.

Don’t be a fool; Progressives aren’t interested in the rights of private businesses to discriminate. It’s all bullshit. They’re interested in whatever fulfills their Vision for society. They want to restrict firearm ownership as much as possible. Businesses refusing to sell to those under 21 is all part of a strategy to raise the legal age to own a firearm. The end goal is total firearm restrictions to where the right to keep and bear arms has no practical application.

One of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals is to make your enemy live up to their own beliefs. It’s a form of power, something libertarians better get comfortable with.

Don’t say Walmart should be able to discriminate against 20 year olds. Instead, ask if businesses can discriminate? Isn’t discrimination wrong? Better yet, say “tough, let them bake cake.” Place the moral burden for justification on those who advocate this policy. Don’t virtue-signal how ideologically consistent libertarianism is to people who don’t care and will gladly violate your rights if it benefits them. Don’t affirm or condone their behavior, no matter how “libertarian” it seems – their intent is anything but individual liberty and freedom.

People are already suing Walmart over their policy. The lawsuit should certainly move forward and force the issue; do businesses (not acting as agents of the Deep State, that is) have the right to discriminate? Either they do, or they don’t. This buffet of rights needs to end. You don’t get to pick and choose who has the right to do what, and I’m not interested in providing moral support to those who are pushing that kind of agenda.

Libertarians who advocate for this better be prepared for the day they run afoul of Progressives and get deplatformed from every private sector edge provider, as we’ve seen with members of the Alt. Right.

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One Response to Libertarians Should Not Enable Progressive Agenda

  1. Gunner Q says:

    There’s no consistency to SJW behavior. Today they’ll do it your way, tomorrow they’ll do the opposite, they don’t care. They only want to steal and destroy. It’s a trap to take any one thing they do and use it as an example of good conduct or illustration of some principle because it gives legitimacy to people that don’t deserve it. One might as well praise a puppy for wizzing on the carpet, a decision unpopular with its owner, as praise Walmart for making decisions unpopular with its customers.

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