Muh “Private Companies!”

This Wikileaks piece on the relationship between Google and the U.S. government should make all those who support or condone – or even look the other way – at Google’s mass censorship of right-wing dissidents on the basis of “muh private companies” feel completely disgraced. Though let’s not pretend they were wholly ignorant about what was going on.

Google is not a private company engaging in legitimate business. It is a pseudo-branch of the Deep State.  And like all government, official or not, it should be controlled by the people it exerts coercive authority over. Its uncontested ability to utterly destroy business and individuals, in conjunction with its collusion with the feds, justifies restrictions and rules.

On top of that, many social media companies also enjoy federal legal immunity for any content posted on their site, a “privilege” not granted to other traditional news sources who are held legally responsible for what others may publish there.

At a Senate hearing last month, Sen. Ted Cruz called out YouTube’s alleged ideological bias, highlighting Prager University’s lawsuit against the company over censorship of conservatives. Cruz told a YouTube representative that if the platform did not remain politically neutral, they could lose legal immunity for user content under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Without this protection, social media companies would be legally liable for all content posted on their platforms – an existential threat to their business model.

When these companies remove themselves from the Deep State or from federal protection and fully embrace the “free market,” then we can talk about “muh private companies” and their right to politically censor those using their services.

Until then, anyone who claims to support freedom and individual liberty but rationalizes or offers mealymouthed excuses for government-colluding corporations silencing dissident on that government’s behalf only expose themselves for the charlatans and worm-tongues they are.

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