Cuckservative Bluffing

Vox Day writes:

The “dire warning” column is a longtime staple for conservative columnists. I’ve been hearing conservatives issuing dire warnings to liberals about the dreadful consequences of their actions for nearly 40 years now.

And do you know what I have concluded as a result? Conservatives are not going to do anything at all to resist liberal or government violence, ever. They never have.

They didn’t resist when their children were bused. They didn’t resist when their schools were secularized. They didn’t resist when their country was invaded by 130 million foreigners. They didn’t resist when their churches were converged. They didn’t resist when their right to carry cash was restricted. They didn’t resist when their rights to speech were removed. They didn’t resist when their wives left them and divorce-raped them. They didn’t resist when their children were kidnapped by judicial fiat.

I no longer believe they will resist even when their guns are confiscated or when their religion is outlawed. What evidence do we have that conservatives will do anything at all except complain about liberals, vote for do-nothing Republicans, and carefully distance themselves from anyone who looks even remotely possible of actually doing anything?

Is he right? This question becomes pertinent when deciding who to form close ties and relations with. I don’t want to be surrounded by men who talk tough but cower when the moment of truth comes. I want my friends to be those whose actions speak for themselves and who will stand by me in a crisis, when our convictions compel us to make difficult decisions.

An acquaintance of mine has a sign in his man cave that says “Lord, if I should die, let me die surrounded by a pile of empty casings.” He is quiet and a man of few words, but everything about him says he will live up to that ideal. That’s the kind of man you want in your company.

Whatever he calls himself doesn’t really matter, whether it be a conservative or a patriot. Labels matter less than character.

Be wary of the man who talks big but has nothing to actually show for it in his life. Be tenfold apprehensive if no one is afraid to do him wrong.  A man whom others fear to offend is a man who will defend himself if his rights are violated.

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One Response to Cuckservative Bluffing

  1. Gunner Q says:

    This sort of thing is textbook “controlled opposition”. Look at me, I gave them a dire warning that their liberal policies will be thwarted if attempted! I’m standing up for you! And this time I mean it!

    There’s no point in giving real warnings to one’s enemies. If they’re about to do something stupid then you let them. If they’re about to attack you then you’re just telegraphing.

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