No, Socialism Doesn’t Work With Whites, Either

A common belief among many members of the Alt. Right or Dissident Right is that socialism can work, if it’s done with white people. They don’t see the issue as one of economics, but race. For evidence, they’ll point to Scandinavian countries such as Sweden, Norway, and Denmark that enjoy First World status, while highlighting African nations that are utterly corrupt Third World disasters.

Superficially, this may seem convincing, but that is because the ramifications aren’t seen as quickly. Other libertarians have done their part to attack the “socialist paradise” view of Scandinavia, but we only need to look at what is happening today in those countries to acknowledge that their system is unsustainable.

I’m sure someone on the Alt. Right may argue “if they just didn’t let in the migrants everything would be fine.”

But we already saw the failure of socialism in white nations such as New Zealand. Because it is not a major world power, it could not delay or offset the consequences of their policies.

Now, they didn’t suffer from a cultural and societal collapse as a result, but that isn’t the argument made. The claim is that socialism can work when implemented by whites in a white nation.

I would remind these pro-white socialists that African nations formerly run by whites like Rhodesia, didn’t turn from a socialist system to a free market and then collapse. Typically, the opposite happened.

Ultimately, a socialist system fails; the question is how long political leaders can kick the can down the road and hide the ramifications. Nations with wealth already acquired can sustain the loss longer than one in which there is little to no wealth to begin with.

Spending more than you bring in will eventually leave you impoverished, but if you have $10,000 in the bank you can overspend longer than someone with $10 in the bank.

The fact that your financial situation “looks” successful or sustainable doesn’t mean your overspending “works.”

The reason socialism doesn’t work, white or non-white, has to do with the lack of pricing, also known as the Impossibility of the Socialist Calculator. Without prices, the scarcity of resources cannot be determined, and thus you can’t allocate it properly based on its abundance or lack thereof.

It is no coincidence that shortages occur with any resource handled in a socialist manner. The free market doesn’t always make goods and services accessible to all equally, but prices prevent their misuse and squandering. If a resource becomes limited, the price rises accordingly, consumption decreases, or a supply of it previously not cost-effective to collect becomes financially tenable.

As Vox Day writes:

If you want to read some truly artistic masterpieces of illogic, read a few socialist papers attempt to prove that socialist price-calculation is possible. The two primary papers, written first by Mises, then further articulated by Hayek, are two of the most conclusively devastating critiques of anything ever published. And the empirical evidence subsequently gathered over decades resoundingly supported their logical conclusion.

Ironically, a white nation that tries to implement socialism is going to fail at it for the same reason African nations formerly ruled by white fail when they adopt socialism; both blame another race for economic problems and the system they enact is inconsequential to that.


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