The Proposition Nation Starter Kit

Are you in need of a new country? Tired of your Third World hellhole? Is your plumbing and electricity not up to snuff? No political or civil rights? Your uninformed sister wants to be able to elect your next leader? No freebies to feed your unrealistically large family?

Do you want to have all the benefits of a developed nation without having to go through all the hassle of actually creating one where you live?

Some of you may think sneaking into America is the right solution, and no doubt that was the right choice for centuries. Once you cross the border, you’re immediately an American just like them and can take credit for what their ancestors accomplished as though they were your own!

But travel costs are up, and welfare payouts may be on the decline. Not all of you may be able to slip past ICE officers like in the good old days.

Well, have we got something for you.


Yes, with our proposition nation starter kit, you too can recreate America anywhere in the world, no matter who you are! Why move to America, when you can propose it anywhere you’d like? If anyone can be an American, why not become one in your current region?

Our starter kit contains all the necessary ingredients for a successful, First World nation with the strongest political rights, architectural standards, quality of life, and cultural sophistication.

All you need to do is take the bottle of magic dirt – taken from real American soil – that comes with your starter kit and find a spot, any spot, in the world you’d like to propose your nation. Then simply pour the magic dirt on the ground and voila! Your proposition nation will begin growing infrastructure, government, and institutions ready for a population of Americans!

Anyone walks onto that dirt will instantaneously transform into a genuine, certified American, endowed with 500 years of Anglo-Saxon Protestant knowledge, beliefs, tradition attitudes, and values.

As a bonus, we’ll throw in a set of official American documents such as the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, and even the Magna Carta! Then your Americans will be able to celebrate their civic ancestors who fought for the rights of all freeborn Englishmen and whoever happens to be living on the dirt that they wrote those documents on or the dirt controlled by the government their ancestors later formed.

The proposition starter kit has a 100 percent guarantee, backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. taxpayer. If your experiment doesn’t work out, don’t worry! The U.S. taxpayers are ready, willing and able to bail you out. And you’ll still be Americans forever!

Stop wasting time with dangerous boat trips, border crossings, and other outdated form of non-militarized invasion. Start your proposition nation today!


*Some restrictions apply. The starter kit cannot work when using the soil of non-Western nations. Magic dirt also cannot transform Westerners into non-Westerners. Some proposition nations may require several whites to grow properly – consult manual before expelling them from nation or discouraging their birth rates.
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