Expel The Tradthot Among You!

This week Roosh V did the Dissident Right a huge service by initiating the Tradthot War of 2017 against a host of laydees who hopped onto the Alt. Right bandwagon once they realized there was, like the libertarian movement, a huge market of thirsty beta males looking for “the girl next door who just happens to share my views.”

Having pursued many of the responses from various members of the Dissident Right, I think Roosh’s point was somewhat missed. I aim to elaborate and ideally explain the larger context of what prompted Roosh to stir up the hornet’s nest.

First, I want to state here and now how dangerous a man’s belief in traditionalist idealism is, if not checked by a healthy dose of realism about the world he lives in as opposed to the world he wants to live in. I can tell you now if not checked, it will blind him to the obvious threats around him, and he will be nothing more than a modern-day Don Quixote mistaking prostitutes for sweet maidens. The analogy is strikingly appropriate.

As others have said before me, men are romantics pretending to be realists, and women are realists pretending to be romantics.

Matt Forney got it right in a recent interview with Davis Aurini, when he said that much of the Alt. Right completely bypassed the manosphere and the Red Pill concerning gender relations on their road to mainstream awareness– just as libertarianism did. (Forney did a follow-up article for Return of Kings that made similar points).

We saw this a while back when many white nationalists piled on Roosh during the backlash over his proposed happy hour meetups using feminist talking points – the same talking points used against him by many of these so-called trad gals.

Having simultaneously watched both movements develop and then discover one another, I can tell you that there is much both sides can learn from one another, but in this instance the Dissident Right is the student.

The unpleasant realities of modern Western women is something real Red Pill men understand and accept, and one which the Dissident Right would do well to heed.

Aaron Clarey a.k.a. Captain Capitalism covered this years ago in a video attacking rightwing obsession with airhead blondes repeating basic bitch conservative lines (I LIKE RONALD REAGAN! TWEET!) in favor of actual thinkers of the male persuasion, all out of a subconscious desire for sexual access to those girls.

To use a sports analogy, if your team is taking orders from the cheerleaders in the hopes that doing so will enable them to get inside their skirts, rather than heeding the counsel of their the cantankerous veteran coach with a room full of national championship trophies to his credit, you can’t expect to pull off a whole lot of wins on the field.

However, it bears repeating in our current context so that men grasp the importance of what’s going on.

Make no mistake; it is no coincidence that so many of these tradthots have buried more bones than a gravedigger during the Black Death. If you’re a thot but want to automatically up the amount of attention you receive from men without much rivalry, look no further than the group of men who advertise very loudly their desire for traditional women – which is basically for all intents and purposes and extinct species.

Add to that the unsuspecting nature of many of these Dissident Right men, many of whom are in their early twenties – all that makes them an easy target for girls who perhaps had trouble competing in the normal sexual marketplace full of laydees equally as attractive (and just as promiscuous).

Simply put, there is an enormous dearth of women in the movement. It’s all economics; huge demand, low supply creates high value. Any woman in the group will immediately be regarded as important and special in terms of contribution.

But if that’s a problem now, it’s only going to get far, far worse in the near future.

Here’s why:

Anyone who has visited Dalrock’s site knows the number of never married white women is piling up to the point where there will be massive panic once they collectively reach the apex of the epiphany phase, i.e. when they realize their capacity to sexually compete with younger women is weakening and they need to lock in a reliable, dependable man for long-term security and provisioning before her value fully expires in the eyes of a man she finds attractive enough.

It is my belief that a national or global economic crisis will trigger this stampede to the altar, once the government no longer has the capacity to pay for so much of women’s provisioning that was once the responsibility of a husband, and when many of their make-work jobs cannot be funded.

In short, they will get married when they need men.

However, there’s just one problem – there may not be enough bachelors to go around, on top of bachelors who have been working like women because there’s been no incentive to work harder in order to provide for a family.

As Dalrock explains (bold emphasis added):

As these changes become evident, it is very likely that we will see a power shift in the “marriage market” as the husband shortage for marriage delayers becomes obvious.  The psychology of markets tends to revolve around fear and greed.

For the last 40 years, the marriage market has been characterized by greed on the part of would be brides and fear on the part of would be grooms.  This is why women have felt so comfortable making marriage a last priority, behind education, career, and casual sex.

The recent history of the marriage market can accurately be summed up as 40 years of ultimatums by women, with men backing down in the face of each new ultimatum.

The nonchalance by women towards marriage has been misinterpreted by many as a lack of interest in marriage, but I believe that it is reflective of an assumption that marriage will be theirs for the taking, so what is the rush?

The statistics above tend to bear out the logic of this position.

Young women look at their late 30s and early 40s aunts and see that all but a handful managed to marry.  But the same stats which explain their current level of comfort show why that comfort will soon be coming to an end.  At some point as more and more thirty-something women find themselves unable to marry the mood of the marriage delayers will turn from greed to fear.  

Instead of looking for reasons to reject men, they will focus more on holding on to the men they can get.  This will be a change on the margins, but it will be enough to be noticeable.  This will have the follow on impact of changing the prevailing mood of late 20s and thirty-something men from fear to greed, as they notice a sudden embarrassment in SMP options.

I promise you, the number one anxiety among these women will be whether or not Western men realize it’s a buyer’s market, i.e. men are now in the driver’s seat. The highest priority will be keeping men ignorant of their true value long enough so that women can lock them down into marriage which, thanks to no-fault divorce and our lopsided family courts, ensures that the man can’t and won’t leave if ever finds out that he purchased an overpriced product sold under false advertising.

So after years renouncing monogamy and riding the carousel as befitting a YOLO lifestyle, where  do you think many – not all, not a lot, but many – of these thots are going to go in their hunt for a hubbie who will be the least likely to question her sexual past, least likely to be fully aware of their own true value in the eyes of women, and the most eager to put a ring on it?

What better prospects could a woman in her thirties get than a man blinded by his own idealism and bemoaning the loss of traditional marriage, a man just waiting for the chance to wife some gal up and make babies?

Suddenly, every gal and their (unmarried) aunt will transform into a traditional woman blurting out simplistic pro-natalist slogans, even as they quietly pop their daily birth control pill and maintain a social media presence to ensure the maximum amount of attention is achieved.

What makes this so evil is that they will intentionally deceive and lie to men about who and what they are. It’s one thing to say “I was tricked by feminism, made poor choices based on the advice of older women around me, and fully bought into leftist dogma. Because of that, I deliberately didn’t get married. In doing so I made mistakes I painfully regret, and I’m trying to make things. If I meet a man willing to overlook them I will ensure my daughter does not repeat my errors.”

Compare that now to the same woman presenting herself as the ideal housewife who never got married and maintained her innocence and purity despite all the temptations in the world, because she was “just looking for a good man” and never found Mr. Right – until now.

As a relative of mine is fond of saying, if it sounds too good to be true, it always is. No exceptions.

Consider this, too. This massive fraud devalues the worth of the even rarer, genuinely traditional women that actually made good life choices, never accepted feminism and leftist dogma to begin with, and instead took the harder path by doing the right thing even though it cost them male attention and social status. It’s selling a copy of a painting as the authentic article for the same price. Tradthots make it even harder for traditional men to marry traditional women by polluting the waters. 

As I stated before, the pile-up of never marrieds, as Dalrock explained, is driven by greed and arrogance on the part of these women, not a lack of eligible bachelors.

When the marriage market bubble burst, their strategy will succeed or fail in this regard based on who is acting as the guide and mentor of the Dissident Right movement.

What do you think will happen if the general consensus is made up by media tradthots with Norman Bates-level skeletons in their basement and who are also looking to settle down?

As Rollo Tomassi explained in his essay Male Space, women enter a male-only group once it’s been established for the purpose of obtaining special status as the first woman in the group. Once enough have entered, they then take over the reins, indirectly or not, of the group and, officially or not, change its purpose to that of befitting the feminine imperative.

Tomassi writes (bold emphasis added):

The second purpose in the goal of female inclusion into male space is really a policing of the thought dynamics and attitudes of the men in that space. When women are allowed access to the locker room the dynamic of the locker room changes. The locker room can take many different shapes: the workplace environment, the sports team, the group of all-male coders, the primarily male scientific community, the ‘boys club’, the group of gamer nerds at the local game store, even strip clubs and the sanctuary you think your ‘man cave’ is – the context is one of women inserting themselves into male space in order to enforce the dictates of feminine social primacy.

When the influence of feminine-primacy is introduced into social settings made up mainly by men and male-interests, the dynamics and purpose of that group changes. The purpose becomes less about the endeavor itself and more about adherence to the feminine-inclusionary aspect of that endeavor. It starts to become less about being the best or most passionate at what they do, and more about being acceptable to the influence of the Feminine Imperative while attempting maintaining the former level of interest in the endeavor.

Which brings me to the main point.

This isn’t about whether women are welcome in the Dissident Right; it’s about keeping out opportunistic women that don’t actually believe in any of it. It’s about preventing them from exploiting desperate men and in the process creating create internal division and strife before moving onto the next male-only group once total destruction is complete, to revamp their sexual marketplace value.

It’s about ensuring the integrity of the movement and its chief objectives are protected. It’s far easier to do this when you’re dealing with men that are a dime a dozen and have incentives to fight feminism and our current culture. It’s harder when there are few females to be had, you’re anxious to change the group’s outward perception, and those women have little to no incentive to change a society in which assurances of their entire sexual strategy is codified into norms at every level and their degree of personal freedom devoid of consequences is unmatched in any other period of world history.

However, if tradthots are left unchecked, the Dissident Right will eventually just be an ideal, safe, nonthreatening place for women passing out of their hookup phase to find and settle down with a supplicating, submissive beta provider whose initial call for traditional values will have been by then translated into offering her lifelong commitment with no questions asked about her perceived value or past and the implications that has for his family and children. It will become a trove of beta bucks for women wishing to capitalize on it.

Men have to make it clear that they are leading and they are in charge, and while help, comfort, and support is appreciated, they’re not taking marching orders or looking for counsel or opinions from the women in their ranks about how they as men should act, and any attempts to take advantage of their work or organizations by attention-whores or fake trad gals will be met with intense shaming and online/social ostracization.

Here’s the unvarnished truth; men are meant to lead, women to help and support. Any political entity or movement that deviates from this maxim will fall apart and fail.

The choice is clear: expel the tradthots among you!

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4 Responses to Expel The Tradthot Among You!

  1. Gunner Q says:

    “Matt Forney got it right in a recent interview with Davis Aurini, when he said that much of the Alt. Right completely bypassed the manosphere and the Red Pill concerning gender relations on their road to mainstream awareness– just as libertarianism did.”

    I’ve been picking up a similar feeling lately, that different factions of the Manosphere have incompatible definitions of success. Does Patriarchy mean “no divorce” or respect for bachelors or ethnic supremacy or feudalism?

    Scratch the surface of modern Right movements and the Christian ideal of men being leaders of women and peers of each other is still unpopular.

    The sexiest thing a NAWALT woman can do these days is stop using social media. No tradthot would even consider doing that… no more attention-whoring, no more deceit, no more easy communication with high-status men.


  2. Pingback: The Pendulum Swings Back, and Cuts to the Bone | Σ Frame

  3. thedeti says:

    This is a good post.

    And Forney was dead on target when he pointed out the parallels between women blogging alongside the manosphere and women participating along the alt right. Whenever women show up on the periphery, the first demand to be let into the club. Once in the club, they immediately start demanding that the place change to suit them, they want a voice in how it’s run, and they then start diluting, then changing, the core points and messages. It happened in the manosphere, and it’s happening in the alt right.


    • The Question says:

      Thanks, Deti.

      It happened in the manosphere, and it’s happening in the alt right.

      Sadly, yes. The reality is that women won’t go back to traditional roles on their own while every incentive in the world is to do otherwise. Fear and pain are the biggest drivers of human behavior – when there’s pain for delaying marriage and riding the carousal, and real fear of not being able to find a man to marry, things will change.

      Unfortunately, that could be a while.

      The silver lining is that Millennial men such as myself can afford to wait this out a lot longer than the women in my generation.


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